Types of Lights

Dripping Icicle 

Realistic icicles filled with led lights are synced to chase downward in sequence giving a dripping affect.
Great for entryway roofline, or even large trees they're sure to impress your viewers.

Mini Lights

Mini lights are like the elves of Christmas lights. They're small in size and play a supporting role to help the big show. Perfect forwrapping trees, poles, stairs, rails, anything that needs lights!


C9 lights are the biggest bulb used in Christmas lights. They offer a lot of light per bulb. Perfect for roof and gutters, large structures, Large Tree tops. 

Traditional Icicle

This classic brings a winter wonder land effect to your design. Different lengths of light strands hang down giving a look of icicles. Usual use for icicle lights is outlining a structures roof line.

Rope Lights

Rope light makes a great accent to outline any design. This water proof strands bulbs are protected by a plastic sheath and are very durable. Great for docks, walk ways, landscapes